Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Liberals Ten Commandments

  1. The rights of the individual are to be protected at all cost. Sometimes this becomes very difficult.
  2. Do unto others with kindness and compassion, understanding full-well that this does not always work out.
  3. Question conventional wisdom. This is called "positive doubt." Do not accept the status quo.
  4. Attack right-wing Republicanism wherever and whenever you see or hear it. To stand by and do nothing is to miss an opportunity to shovel some of their own bullshit into their laps.
  5. Harming people in order to make money and gain power is never a good idea and a poor path for human beings to walk. 
  6. Big business will not conduct itself in an honorable way without oversight. Corporations are not humans. They do not have a conscious. They are cold blooded. Unlimited profit is always the outcome of uncontrolled, unregulated capitalism.
  7. Any program that helps people rise up out of misery and despair is a program worth funding.
  8. Religion and politics don't mix. The selling of religious ideology is not a holy matter. It is right-wing Republican ideology.
  9. Liberal means open-minded, understanding, generous, charitable, progressive, requiring the government to help all citizens, not just the chosen few. Conservative means closed-minded, orthodox, traditional, tightly dogmatic, unyielding, requiring the government to help only the rich. Which would you prefer? I happen to find liberalism more in touch with the human spirit.
  10. When liberalism is excessive, it generally will cost us a lot of money. When right-wing conservatism is excessive, it generally will cost us our freedoms and a whole lot of suffering. I have always felt it an honor to be called a liberal. Most right-wing advocates think they are insulting us by calling us liberal. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words, oh how they fuel me."

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