Monday, January 14, 2013

Ten Ways to Figure You've Been Screwed

  1. If the government says it's best for you, look out.
  2. If you're bent over and you feel something creepy sneaking up your backside, it's too late.
  3. If you're boss says you'll get that raise some time in the future, I hope you're not smiling.
  4. If a minister comforts you by telling you you'll get your just reward in Heaven rather than here on Earth, you been had.
  5. If they tell you you're going to war to protect democracy and promote truth, justice, and the American Way, you better make sure they are using a condom.
  6. You're screwed if you ever think the rich will give you a break. 
  7. Gas prices go up. So do they.
  8. If you believe everything the corporate media says, you not only been screwed, you must be blonde.
  9. With a Congress like we got, we're all screwed.
  10. Being screwed is only half the story. They want you to smile and say thank-you.

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