Thursday, January 3, 2013

Answering The E-mail

Dear Mr. Peever: How did you come by your left-leaning ways?  Lori
Dear Lori: My mentor and adviser in college was a Marxist sociologist. He taught me a capitalist, free-market economy was incompatible with democracy. I was never quite sure of that until about ten years ago. Now I get it.

Dear Bruce: You write a lot about God, but I can't figure out exactly where you stand?   Ken
Dear Ken: You are very much right. I talk a lot about God. If it's a made up story, it's a good one. If God is real, sitting on a cloud somewhere out there, directing the universe, I figure I'm screwed.

Dear Peever: What do you think about Rush Limbaugh and the other right-wing pundits?   Sally
Dear Sally: Not much.

Dear Mr. Weik: What do you think about the "fiscal cliff?"  Ed
Dear Ed: I think it's a bunch of made up nonsense. We went over the cliff when we elected, or rather appointed, George Bush Jr. as our President. At the time, I said it would take twenty-five years to recover from his incompetence. I stick by that.

Dear Mr. Peever: You seem pretty comfortable as a provocateur, constantly stirring up the pot. Don't you ever get tired of it? Lea
Dear Lea: No.

Dear Mr. Bruce: Do you have anything good to say about The Village?  Harry
Dear Harry: I like the water.

Dear Peever: You have said that our educational system is outdated and obsolete. What wold you do?  Linda
Dear Linda: I would close them and start over. The industrial revolution is over. So are most of the ways we continue to teach.

Dear Bruce: Another apocalypse has come and gone. Any comment?   Carol
Dear Carol: I think it would do the Earth good if humans vanished. Any ideas? Nothing seems to have worked so far.

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