Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where Do You Draw The Line?

  • If someone calls you a cheat, a no-Count liar, do you want to cuss them?
  • Suppose someone said to you your mother was a whore, your father bastard. Would you want to hurt them?
  • Your kids look just like you, and are just about as dumb. Do you want to hit me?
  • Suppose I came to your house and I was going to steal your things. Would you shot me?
  • If I told you Christ was not real, that he was a fraud. Could you handle that?
  • Can yo accept people for who they are? Could you handle your child being gay, or lesbian?
In the midst of it all, there are ways you can remain calm, understanding, and compassionate, even though you want to react with anger and/or violence. It is a matter of drawing the line in the sand rather than on concrete.

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