Monday, January 7, 2013

Hot Springs Village Neighborhoods

Hot Springs Village is set up in such a way that it is difficult to define neighborhoods. While there is nothing inherently magical or good about a neighborhood, it is wise to be able to define a geographical area as a neighborhood. Cal-de-Sacs would probably be the most common identifier in the village. Golf courses, lakes, or other natural boundaries might also be used. Neighbors are those individuals living around you. Collectively, you make up a neighborhood. A neighborhood is basically what its members make of it. That can range from nothing, with no one knowing or interacting with one another, to a vibrant, giving, teaching, and nurturing environment. The choice is ours. I'm assuming that most people would prefer the later. It would seem more beneficial and helpful for everyone to know one another, interact on a regular basis, and work towards both a safe and livable neighborhood. This probably already happens in some areas, to some extent. Could it be better in your area? It takes some work, but amazing things can happen, some of which I'll mention in another post. If we cannot be good neighbors, we cannot be good citizens.

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