Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another Day In Arkansas

With a newly elected right-wing Republican legislature, I've heard of two new bills which warm the heart. The first was a bill to allow people to carry guns in church. I'm assuming this means that at one time, we were sensible enough to say no. But alas, you never know when the minister might get crazed with damnation words and would need to be shot. To be truthful, I have thought that might not be a bad idea on occasion. These right-wingers have an unusual way to express their Christianity.
Now the boys in Little Rock have proposed a bill that would allow at least 5 people to witness the putting to death of someone sentenced to die by lethal injection. We might as well make a show of it. Next they'll record it and make a reality show out of it. I figured Arkansas would take a nose dive with a Republican legislature, but I didn't think it would be so fast. Next it will be limiting abortions, which they have already tried, but lost by 1 vote. They'll shame someone into voting with them the next time. I'm considering starting a boycott of Little Rock, until some sanity returns to the capital. I would exempt the airport for obvious reasons. We're going to need to get out of here fairly often.

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  1. Also a bill pending that would essentially eliminate abortions in the state. This in a state that leads the nation in teenage pregnancies per capita. I fear for the futures of these babies conceived by babies.