Thursday, January 10, 2013

Answering The E-mail

Dear Bruce: Why don't you like the church?   Ed
Dear Ed: Seems like a big waste of money.

Mr. Peever: Can you offer any proof that capitalism doesn't work with democracy?   Sharon
Dear Sharon: The U.S.of A. One don't need much else.

Dear Mr. Weik: Just how liberal are you?  Karen
Dear Karen:  Do you know Michael Moore? He seems like a moderate to me.

Peever: You don't like the NRA. Why?   Larry
Dear Larry: Let me count the ways: Stupid; big guns, small dicks; paranoid; reckless; right-wing; ......

Mr. Peever: Do you think pornography is evil?   Mary
Dear Mary: People seem to like to show themselves off. Most shouldn't. If you don't like it, don't look.

Dear Bruce: Do you ever think we will ever get decent health-care?  Martha
Dear Martha: As soon as we get the same health-care that Congress gets, we will have decent health-care. Until then, the whole things a joke. Unfortunately, it's on us.

Mr. Liberal Hotshot: Do you think joining the military is a good idea for a young person?   Carl
Dear Carl: No. They mainly recruit the poor, minorities, kids who have gotten in trouble, and sociopaths. You don't see many rich kids signing up. The poor and disenfranchised rick their lives so that the rich can get richer, from a safe distance.

Peever: What about those right-wing, Christian, Republicans you are always talking about. Aren't they multiplying?  Ken
Dear Ken: Unfortunately, like cockroaches. Particularly here in Arkansas.

Mr. Bruce: What do you think about gay marriages?  Harry
Dear Harry: I don't see that it hurts anyone. Why not let them be as miserable as married heterosexuals? Think about it.

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