Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Looking in The Crystal Ball For 2013

  1. The economy will get better. Unemployment will improve. And the rich will get richer.
  2. We will get some gun control, but not near enough. I think it would be best if no one had any guns, including the government.
  3. God will top 1800.
  4. It will snow 40 feet somewhere in the states, and rain 18 inches over 2 days. Hopefully, not in Arkansas. And I swear the climate is not changing.
  5. We're going to get so far behind in Arkansas with a Republican legislature that the Republicans will swear we are ahead. Their first move, allow people to carry guns to church. We got a lot of brain-power in Little Rock. Emphasis on rock.
  6. Somewhere in the world this year there will be an immaculate conception.
  7. We will end up in five wars this year. We're already in four, so this ain't much of a prediction.
  8. Tiger Woods will win five tournaments this year, including one major.
  9. The Supreme Court will mercifully disappear.
  10. Will Take Charge will win the Arkansas Derby and the Kentucky Derby.
  11. Right-wing Republicanism will receive a death blow in 2013. They're already staggered, and with their brain-power, are bound to make additional mistakes. 
The crystal ball is seldom wrong. It did miss George Bush Jr. being elected, but technically, that was really not a miss.

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